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Summer/Fall 2001
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The 2001 Reunion had a great turnout! Fifty people in all! Although we could top last year’s award for the greatest distance traveled (when Phillip & Catherine Anstead came from Africa!), we still had a lot of family traveling a great distance.

Since the reunion was held in the mid-west, we had a larger than normal turnout from the mid-west Ansteads. Of course our hosts Kristine & Alan Chalifoux were in attendance, along with their children Claire, Madeleine and Ryan. Howard & Betty Anstead came over from St. Louis, Missouri. As did Greg & Susan Anstead and their daughters Stephanie and Stacie. Doug & Lesia Anstead and their children Jennifer and Michael came made the trip from St. Louis too!

Jim & Therese Shiffler brought their girls Ashleigh, Sarah, and Megan down from Holland, Michigan. Kaye Anstead and her daughter Tammy Schmucker both came down from Michigan, bringing their fiancées Bob and Mike along! Scott & Faye Phillips also came down from Michigan, and so did Eloise Thibodeau! Don & Melinda Anstead brought their daughters Stephanie and Jordan over from Ohio. Joe & Nancy Anstead brought their daughter Allison down from the Chicago area.

We had a good showing from the east coast Ansteads too. Bob & Mary Anstead drove in from Maryland, bringing along grandchildren Erika and Mark, while Glenn & Emily Anstead chose to make the trip from Maryland by plane. Daughter Susan & Greg Leiby came in earlier in the week from Virginia.

Best of all, we were graced by the attendance of all four of the surviving children of Harry & Mary Anstead! Faye & Buzz Ziegler came over from Pennsylvania. Roy Anstead drove over from Delaware (by way of Maine!), and Margaret Hamilton brought her daughter Susan Jeffery and granddaughter Maggie up from Arkansas.

But the award for the longest trip to the 2001 Anstead Reunion goes to Leo & Martha Anstead who came all the way from California!

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