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Jordan Nicole Anstead was born to Don and Melinda Anstead on July 3, 2000. She weighed 7 lbs. 6 oz and was 20 inches long. Don is the son of Fred and Edna Anstead.


Susan Anstead (daughter of Robert, granddaughter of Ellsworth) married Gregory Leiby on February 21, 2001. They were married in a small family ceremony at the Frederick, Maryland home of Greg’s parents. Their nieces and nephews served as their attendants.  (see for pictures)


Kaye Anstead (daughter of Fred) is engaged to Bob Leonhardt. They will be married in August 2001.

Tammy Schmucker (daughter of Kaye, granddaughter of Fred) is engaged to Mike Rose. They will be married in October 2001.


Edna Anstead (wife of Fred) passed away on January 31, 2001.

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