Year 2000 Is Coming!
Where Will The Ansteadís Be?

As everyone knows, the 1998 Reunion had to be cancelled. Appropriate accommodations near the beach in Myrtle Beach could not be found.

So now itís time to plan for Summer 2000! By the time June rolls around, all the so-called millennium bugs will be gone, and everyone should be ready to celebrate! Why not add to the excitement with a GREAT Anstead Family Reunion to start off the new millennium?

But that leads us to the big questions?

Where will we have the 2000 Reunion?

Who will be the wonderful person (or group) willing to host the 2000 Reunion?

If you are interested in hosting the reunion, please complete the form below and return it to me as soon as possible. If I receive multiple response, I will send out all the submissions to everyone in early September for voting. Otherwise, look for a regular Anstead Update in your mailbox in September announcing the location of the Year 2000 Anstead Family Reunion!

I am interested in hosting the Year 2000 Anstead Family Reunion!

Name: _____________________________________

Location: ___________________________________

Preferred Weekend: ___________________________

The following are a few reasons why I want to host, or why I think this would be a good location (only will be used if we get multiple responses for voting):