Anstead Update!

Forty-two members of the Anstead Family spent a wonderful weekend at the Delaware Shore this year, celebrating the 43rd Anstead Family Reunion.

The weekend began with Friday night dinner at the lovely beach home of Roy and Mary Alice.  Through a cooperative effort of their family, everyone was served barbecue, beans, salads, chips, cookies, and drinks.  Everything was absolutely delicious!  Talk was circulating that maybe it's time for an Anstead Family Cookbook!  (any volunteers???)

Saturday afternoon, we attended mass, said for the living and deceased members of the Anstead Family.  Then we headed off to dinner at the nearby Bonanza Restaurant.  With such a wide assortment of food (and plenty of it!!), certainly no one left hungry!  We held the annual family meeting (more throughout the newsletter), before heading off to Roy and Mary Alice's home for the reunion cake.

While at Roy & Mary Alice’s home Saturday evening, Kaye Anstead (daughter of Fred Anstead) gave the family an incredible surprise. She asked everyone to write their name on a piece of paper and put it in a hat. No one knew what was going on, but everyone complied. Around the same time, Kaye started showing people a beautiful quilt she had made from various old fabrics, including several dresses that belonged to Charlotte Anstead. To everyone’s surprise, a name was pulled out of the hat, and Kay gave the winner the quilt! The lucky winner was Buzz Ziegler. We all know that Buzz and Faye will treasure that quilt for years to come. Thanks Kaye!! (See inside for information on future quilts!)

Outside of the formal reunion activities, various Anstead’s found exciting things to do at the shore. Friday, one group headed up to Lewes, Delaware and took the ferry across the Delaware Bay to visit Cape May, New Jersey. Throughout the weekend, Anstead’s went to the beach to play and attempt to bring back a nice tan from their vacation. (Although some wound up with a nice sunburn!) The resort town of Bethany Beach, Delaware held concerts Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings, and many Anstead’s attended. Others went swimming, boating, and splashing in the ocean! I had the joy of taking my niece, nephew, and mother on their first “fishing trip” (to a pond behind where we stayed). You would never imagine the look of excitement a 64 year old woman can have upon catching her first fish!

The entire weekend was extremely successful, and a wonderful time was had by all!

Coming Soon! The 1998 Reunion! Click here for more information: 44th Annual Anstead Reunion