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As you may recall, a number of years ago we created the first Anstead Family Tree, tracing all the descendants of Harry & Mary Anstead.  There have been a lot of changes since then, and I've been asked when a new Tree will be published.

With YOUR help, I hope to have the new Tree ready by the next reunion!  The whole family would really appreciate your filling in the blanks.  If any of the following information in your family has changed in the past 5 years, please fill us in!  You can find all our current information on the Descendant Information page.

What do we need?
· Full Name
· Date of birth and location
· Date of death and location
· Marriage date and location
· Children, spouses and their information as listed above

Thanks to everyone who sent in their updates this past Fall!  There was one response submitted, full of lots of changes, which somehow got thrown away in my attempt to clean this house one day.  It was from either a descendant of Mary or Frances, I don't remember.  If you are one of their descendants and happen to remember sending me your updated family tree, chock-full of changes, I'd appreciate if you could send it once again.  My sincere apologies for this error.

Please email the information to, or mail your updated information to:

Susan Anstead Leiby
32 Carriage House Circle
Alexandria, VA  22304
If you know of anyone who is not receiving the Anstead Update, please send their address to 
Susan Anstead Leiby, 32 Carriage House Circle, Alexandria, VA 22304
or e-mail to